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Ysacke E-Waste is registered as a producer of hazardous waste, and are authorized by the Environment Agency to conduct refurbishment or disposal in respect of IT equipment and WEEE. We are also registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

We believe in working smart. Adopting new technology and refining our approach to ensure we can continue to exceed the environmental targets everybody is striving to achieve. Here’s how we do it…

  • A commitment to zero landfill and a policy that forbids any export of waste products
  • Effective transport and handling systems to protect the residual value of redundant equipment
  • Knowledgeable staff who can find markets for a wide range of items, reducing the amount that needs to be recycled
  • Comprehensive, and detailed audits so you can demonstrate your organizations commitment to your green targets and ambitions
  • Continual research to find new and better ways to recycle and refinements to existing processes to reduce carbon footprints. An example of this is in our transport function where we add nothing to our carbon footprint by actively using empty space on returning loads
  • Strategic planning of our collections. Maximizing vehicle capacities by grouping collections within areas and routes.
  • Re-using waste packaging to pack saleable IT products
  • Charitable donations to encourage participation in environmental initiatives. This includes donation of PC’s to emerging and developing nations


We are able to offer degaussing and disk destruction using Verity SM91 and the EDR HDC-V as a mobile solution, which means we can offer onsite destruction when required. A certificate of destruction is created at the end of each project which details the destruction of all media by quantity and where applicable by serial number and host asset. Contact our service team to discuss this in more detail

Data Management

Ysacke E-Waste are registered with the Information Commissioners Office and our policy on data security is that all data bearing media will be managed in accordance with industry best practice and to a standard that exceeds baseline security as set out by UK Government requirements.


Nationwide Collection Service

We operate a nationwide collection service, all vehicles are fully liveried and all of our staff are uniformed and carry ID at all times. All vehicles are satellite tracked for additional security and traceability. All of our drivers are CSCS approved (Construction Skills Certification Scheme). Ysacke E-Waste and its sister company PAD Logistics are members of the Road Haulage Association (RHA) and Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme (FORS). All drivers are trained to use stair walkers and other lifting equipment and each vehicle arrives on site with all equipment and manpower agreed for any project. N

The vehicle range includes the following: Ø 3 x 45ft 44 Ton articulated vehicles, each with 3 Ton capacity tail lifts Ø 3 x 18 Ton vehicles all with 3 Ton capacity tail lifts Ø 3 x Sprinter HI-Top LWB. (One of these is equipped with tail lift) Ø 1 x Sprinter Luton with tail lift (750Kg lift) Ø 2 x Express delivery vehicles

Why Choose Us?

  • We should strive to reduce our impact on the environment and demonstrate the good environmental stewardship that our clients expect when considering their corporate social responsibility ideals
  • We should strive to continually improve by adding new services and finding ways to work more efficiently to increase yields and reduce costs and resource usage

1. Free Collection & Disposal

For small and medium sized simple disposal projects we guarantee speedy collection and certified disposal including data destruction.

2. Full Asset Management

For more complex projects or ongoing partnerships we provide detailed audits and a range of services bespoke to your needs

3. Outright Purchase

For excess inventory or where products have identified market values, we can offer immediate funds for outright purchase

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With YSACKE E-WASTE SERVICES, you can optimise the management of IT assets at every stage of their life cycle, from rollout through final disposition. You’ll save time and money while mitigating information risk, maximising value recovery and reducing your organisation’s overall environmental impact.


Deploy & Decommission
Asset Tagging


Commodity Recovery
R2 Compliant Recycling
Reporting & Certification
Battery Recycling


Secure Data Wiping (NIST 800-88)
Hard Drive Shredding and Degauss
Media Shredding
Tape Wiping


Data Santisation (NIST 800-88)
Testing & Refurbishment
Reverse Logistics
Parts Recovery


Whether you need a simple free disposal service or are looking for a partner who can handle your complex requirements, Ysacke E-Waste are here to take care of everything for you every step of the way…

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