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Cyber Security & Consultancy Services

Technical Assurance

Expert review of your architecture (network, systems, operating systems, applications, etc)  to ensure they are designed, architected and hardened to industry standards and benchmarks such as NIST, SANS, CIS OWASP, TOGAF, SABSA, etc.


We go a step further working with our partners to conduct independent penetration tests and vulnerability assessments to ensure your designs and builds have been implemented securely in practice.

Security Governance, Risk and Compliance

We work with you to understand your business and provide clear and practical guidance on security policies and procedures required. We can go a step further to help you define and implement these in your organisation.

We undertake a range of risk assessments using established methodologies to help you understand security risks at the system, project or organisational level. We can help you identify and implement adequate technical, procedural and physical controls required to mitigate identified risks.

Finally, we help to undertake audits and compliance programmes to ensure you remain compliant with your internal policies but also industry regulation and standards

Cloud assurance

We provide expert advice and on all aspects of your cloud journey and adoption of major cloud vendors (e.g. Azure, AWS, etc). Whether you are considering a SaaS, PaaS, IaaS or perhaps a hybrid or full cloud strategy we can help you map out your requirements, assure the vendor as well as your design for adequate security. 

Data protection and Privacy

We understand the growing concern on data protection and privacy and how that may affect your business operations. We provide expert advice on how to remain compliant with key legislation locally and also abroad (e.g. EU GDPR)

Bespoke services

We recognize the variety of requirements in  cybersecurity and hence are flexible to undertake and help you with bespoke requests in areas such as application security review, security operations setup (SOC), incident response setup, business continuity and DR programmes etc
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